Organize a House Meeting

Over the next two months, we're rebuilding a power movement for public health care - one conversation at a time. 

We're calling on supporters of public health care across the province to organize small group conversations - also called house meetings - with people in your networks.

A House Meeting is a group of 6-10 people invited to have an intentional conversation in a comfortable setting. These may be virtual meetings, in people’s homes, or set up in table groups/breakout rooms at a larger venue so that many house meetings can occur at the same time. The purposes of a house meeting are to: 

  • Unearth stories that call for change
  • Build relationships of trust and understanding
  • Connect with community leaders who have appetite for action
  • Identify issues of common concern to inform campaign priorities


If you're interested, please reach out to our team by emailing [email protected]. We'll be happy to support you!


BC Health Coalition "Listening Pack" | This how-to guide includes guidance around logistics, team roles, an agenda template, discussion questions, and tips for facilitation and reporting back. 

Slide deck: How to Lead a House Meeting | Click here to download the slide deck from our training.

House Meeting Commitment Card | Use this form to invite house meeting participants to take a next step for the campaign.

House Meeting Report-back | Use this form to report-back on your house meeting.

Podcast: Listen, Organize, Act! Organizing & Democratic Politics | S1E3 The Other Basic Tool of Organizing: House Meetings 

Training: How to Lead a House Meeting