Hundreds of Postcards Being Sent to Minister Dix on Seniors' Care

Right now, hundreds of seniors, families and workers are taking action on seniors' care by sharing their stories with the Minister of Health!

In the past twenty years, home support has been devalued and rationed, with access to publicly funded home support consistently declining in BC since 2001. At the same time, for-profit long-term care companies have been pocketing public funds as profits and degrading the standard of care provided in residential care. 

While the pandemic showed us that our government can act boldly and decisively to make rapid system improvements, we've also seen how quickly political will can move on to other issues.

That’s why seniors, workers and families are raising their voices and demanding that the government improve and expand publicly funded home support and end for-profit long-term care through our postcard action.

The Minister is hearing stories from seniors who want to age in place and are terrified of having to enter long-term care, from families trying to navigate a patchwork of services that may or may not be available, and from under-valued Community Health Workers who are struggling to offer the care they know seniors deserve because they are consistently short-staffed. 

We know there is a strong constituency across this province that is ready to support bold investments and system reforms in long-term care and home support. We need a continuum of care that allows seniors to live independently at home for as long as possible and provides person-centered care that supports better quality of life for those living in residential care.

Read more about our demands here

This is a friendly reminder if you requested a postcard to please write your story and send it to Minister Dix if you haven't already.