National standards for long-term care

The BCHC proposes that standards must be enforceable and legislated while meeting the following standards:

  • Improve Quality of LTC
    • All homes must provide a safe, secure home-like environment for residents that meets their care needs.
    • Support the cognitive, emotional, social and cultural well-being of residents.
    • Increase staffing levels to provide sufficient staffing and an appropriate staff mix to meet the care needs of residents and support for the staff.
    • Require a minimum care standard for daily hands-on care that provides for residents' care needs.
    • For Indigenous peoples, the LTC program must respect the unique cultures of the communities.
  • Improve LTC Accountability
    • Provide meaningful recourse for residents, substitute decision makers and staff when care needs are not met.
    • Include the right for the public to appeal the awarding of LTC licenses.
    • Track how the funding provided has been spent to improve quality, oversight and access to LTC
  • Take Profit Out of LTC
    • Federal funding must provide funding for public and non-profit LTC, and support to expand public and non-profit LTC.