Long-term care

  • Implementation of the Seniors Advocate recommendation to create a provincial association of family councils to ensure residents and their loved ones can be represented provincially. 
  • Make private operators more accountable for the public funding they receive by: 
    • Establishing measures to ensure transparency towards both Health Authorities and the public on how much profit private operators are making, including clear accounting and Ministry of Health staff assigned to analyze and compare data across the province.
    • Establishing measures to ensure transparency on how much funding operators are spending on food, recreation, mobility and direct care hours. 
  • Make wage-levelling across the sector permanent by requiring all facilities to pay public sector agreement wages.
  • Phase out the additional government subsidy provided to private-for-profit facilities to provide standardized wages. Full-time employment is tied to continuity of care.
  • Bring back long-term care jobs that were privatized by the BC Liberals, including long-term care aides, housekeeping, and dietary workers into the public sector.
  • Ensure community health worker wages are kept comparable to LTC sector to support seniors ageing in place. 
  • Invest in public and non-profit beds by:
    • Developing an ambitious capital plan to support the design and building of new non-profit or public facilities that reduce the use of public-private partnerships. This should be significant enough to eliminate multi-bed rooms, update ageing facilities, and expand the total number of beds in the system to keep up with population growth. 
    • Revising Health Authorities’ Request For Proposals process to privilege small, local operators and non-profits in winning contracts. 
  • Invest in home care so older adults can age at home