Keeping community health in community hands

What is global funding? How does it impact community health and social services? How can it serve marginalized patients and healthcare workers more strategically?

On February 22, 2022, the Outreach Committee of the REACH Community Health Centre Board and the VCC Nursing Program team collaborated to host an online public forum about Global Funding. The lively discussion provided exclusive insight into how the global funding model employed by other provinces allows Community Health Centers (CHCs) and Social Services to optimize their community offerings. A deep-dive into the manifold funding sources of REACH exposed just how draining and inefficient current funding models can be. The panel also drew lessons from the pandemic, reflecting on how more adaptability from funders during the crisis demonstrated the power of more flexible funding. 


Colleen Fuller - President of REACH
Nicole LeMire - Executive Director of REACH
Stacy Ashton - Executive Director of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC
Watch the video to learn more about the potential of global funding and the far-reaching impact it could have on our very own community health.