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Vote Public Health Care

Vote Public Health CareIn the 2015 federal election, the BCHC wants to elect a government who will support and strengthen public health care.

Campaigning on health care in this election has two major benefits. First, as an issue that many Canadians care about and are affected by, public health care holds the potential to mobilize large numbers of voters. Secondly, increasing the number of people who vote on health care will motivate parties and candidates to ensure supporting public health care is a prominent part of their elections platforms

To do this, we are planning to use a vote pledge strategy.

How a Vote Pledge Works:

  • People sign the pledge – adding their voices to the growing call for innovative action on health care. Pledges can be collected in person or online.
  • BCHC reports back to pledge signers – sharing information about key issues and showing where candidates and parties stand on these issues.
  • Together, we get out to vote on health care - making sure people who care about strengthening public health care go to the polls and vote. 

Past BC Health Coalition Vote for Public Health Care! Campaigns have focused on: 

  • Demanding the federal enforcement of, and provincial compliance with, the Canada Health Act.
  • Pushing for the establishment of a National Pharmaceutical Program and national standards for community care and long-term care.

Click here to sign, or to learn more about, the BCHC's vote pledge!