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Volunteer with BCHC



We're an active organization that thrives thanks to our dedicated and passionate volunteers. If you're interested in organizating in your community, tabling at public events, talking with your neighbours about public health care issues, helping to enter data or digging into health care research, we need you!

We're looking for volunteers who can...

Monitor Court Proceedings  

We're heading into a long trial to stop a doctor who wants to change the laws that protect public health care. We need people to take notes on a regular basis so that we have up to date information about what's happening. If you can commit to even two hours in court a week that would make a huge difference. Click here to be a note taker during the legal challenge. 


Individuals who can provide support for data entry, filing and mail-outs are always needed! Click here if you enjoy the behind-the-scenes work that keeps an organization functioning. 

Connect in Communities and at events

Volunteers are needed to host information tables at community events and assist at campaign events. Click here if you love talking to your neighbours and friends about public health care.