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Supreme Court Showdown

Wed, 2014-02-26 16:00 to 17:30
School of Public Health & Social Policy
Room B112, Cornette Building
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC

Parties in the case are calling it the most significant constitutional challenge in Canadian history. In 2009 Dr. Brian Day, owner of Vancouver’s for-profit Cambie Surgery Centre and leading proponent of for-profit health care, launched a constitutional challenge that could erase the foundation of Canadian Medicare as we know it – a health care system based on need, not ability to pay. The challenge is set to go to trial next year, will likely end up in the Supreme Court of Canada, and may produce the defining Charter interpretation that will apply across the country.

The BC Health Coalition, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, two patients, and one physician joined together to gain intervener status in the case. The group believes that B.C. needs improvements that make public health care better for everyone, not the expansion of for-profit health care that benefits only a very wealthy elite. Come and hear from representatives and legal counsel for the intervener group about this critical threat to fair and equitable health care in Canada.

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