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Funding long-term care: Behind the scenes of Motion 77 with Paul Manly, MP

Thu, 2021-08-12 16:00


What will it take to improve quality of life and quality of care for adults living in long-term care? Motion 77 calls for national standards and key reforms for long-term care, including increased beds and hours of care, better wages and working conditions, and increased funding for home care. The Parliamentary Budget Officer recently released a report that estimates the annual cost of these reforms to be an additional $13.7 billion across federal, provincial, and territorial governments. In other words, our governments are currently under-spending on long-term care and under-valuing older adults.

The BC Health Coalition held a behind the scenes webinar into Motion 77 with Paul Manly, the MP from Nanaimo-Ladysmith who tabled the motion. We learned about the national standards and reforms proposed by the motion and discussed the PBO cost estimates. See the webinar below.