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Ask candidates about their health care priorities

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the importance of universal health care as a public good for all regardless of income, age, immigration status, or where we live. Unfortunately, our public health care system does not meet everyone's needs. This is the result of years of underfunding and attack from private interests. We need a federal government who will commit to improving and defending the public health care system we all rely on.

Now is the time to demand that change - September 20 is Election Day in Canada with advance polling starting on September 10. 

This election join voters across BC and Canada to ask candidates to take action in key areas of health care. Our public health care system needs to be invested in so that it continues to serve all Canadians. 

Will you get candidates on the record to demand action in these areas? Please click on the links below to find more information about each topic including a list of questions you can ask candidates. 

If you receive responses back from your candidate, you can report back on their response by clicking the button below. 

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Increase health funding to provinces

We support substantial increases to the Canada Health Transfer, contingent upon the provinces and territories using the funding for health care, and respecting the five principles of the Canada Health Act: universality, portability, accessibility, comprehensiveness, and public administration.

Questions for candidates:

    1. Do you support increasing the Canada Health Transfer to 35% as provincial governments have unanimously requested?
    2. Are you prepared to make any funding to provinces for health care contingent upon provinces upholding the principles of the Canada Health Act? 

Remove profit from health care

A public health care system, well-funded and publicly administered, provides the fairest, highest quality, and most cost-effective care. Private, for-profit investors should not be allowed to undermine our public health care system. There should be no place for profit in health care, whether through private clinics, paid blood plasma collection, corporate-delivered virtual health care, or long-term care facilities. 

Questions for candidates: 

    1. Will you work to ensure the Canada Health Act is enforced in provinces that allow private, for-profit health care practices that violate the Canada Health Act principles?
    2. What is your position on removing profit from long-term care?
    3. Will you invest in public infrastructure for virtual health care to ensure equity and prevent a new pocket of profit-making by corporate business in health care?

Improve seniors care

The pandemic has exposed our long-term care system’s flaws at a terrible cost in lives. Federal legislation should make long-term care and home care part of the public health care system. Increased federal funding must be contingent upon provinces and territories using the funds for long-term care, and meeting enforceable national standards. Home care should be appropriately funded as part of a national seniors strategy. 

Questions for candidates:

    1. What is your position on removing profit from long-term care?
    2. Will you commit to working towards federally-regulated and enforceable national standards for long-term care?
    3. What is your plan to invest in community-based services and home care so that seniors can age in place with the supports they need?

Expand public mental health services

Over 1 in 5 Canadians are not able to access the mental health services they need. We need a mental health care system that is fully integrated into our public health care system so that access to mental health is also based on need and not ability to pay. We also need a mental health care system that treats intersectional causes, not just symptoms; these include systemic factors such as poverty, racism, trauma, colonialism, and the lack of secure and affordable housing.

Questions for candidates:

    1. Do you have a plan to include mental health services in our public health care system?
    2. Do you support public mental health care at no cost to the patient?

Implement national Pharmacare
Public health will be improved through universal and public drug coverage. Just as essential vaccines have been provided free of charge, national Pharmacare will prevent and treat disease, while lowering costs for families, employers, and government.

Questions for candidates:

    1. What will you do to help get pharmacare across the finish line?
    2. Will you commit to support legislation to lower the cost of patented drugs?

Eliminate racism in health care
The pandemic has exposed inequities in our health care system. Communities of colour have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 while Indigenous people still face discriminatory barriers in accessing the health care system. Education and policy changes need to happen together to combat this systemic racism so barriers to care are eliminated.

Questions for candidates:

    1. What kind of funding or supports are needed to involve frontline health workers, especially those from marginalized and racialized groups of people, in efforts to eliminate systemic racism and other barriers to care?
    2. Canada currently does not collect disaggregated race-based health data. The collection of such data is important to understanding health impacts on communities facing racism. Would you commit to pushing for changes in how Canada collects health data?


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2021 Election Report Back