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What You Can Do

The BC Health Coalition strives to encourage activism on health care while raising public awareness and participation in our campaigns. 

We encourage you to get involved and TAKE ACTION TODAY to support the work of the BC Health Coalition and to protect and expand Medicare in B.C.

Save Medicare - Right now, there's a dangerous legal attack before the courts that could turn Canada's Medicare system into a US-style system – without the public having a say. There numerous actions you can take to help save medicare: send a message to the BC Government, write a letter to the editor or donate to fund the case.

Vote Public Health Care - When an election is called, the BC Health Coalition provides resources to the public, regional groups, and community organizations to ensure that public health care is a vote-determining issue.

Improve Senior's Care - The BCHC community works across the province to strengthen services for our elders and people with disabilities so that we can all live and age with dignity in B.C.

Youth Engagement - There are many questions about what's best for Canada's health care system, yet there there isn't much youth accessible info nor oportuntities for youth-based dialogue on the issue. We're working together to change that.

Connect with Local Health Coalitions - The BCHC works with local organizations to strengthen our public health care system and protect it from privatization.

Attend an Event  - Events in support of public health care happen in communities all across the province.

Volunteer - We're an active organization and we thrive thanks to our enthusiastic and passionate volunteers.