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Your Health Records - What are Your Rights?

According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons,

"The actual documents contained in a patient's medical record are owned by the physician who created, received or requested them – not the patient; however, a photocopy of the content of the record must be provided to a patient upon his/her request."

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The BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association, also has information about your rights in regards to your medical records,

Who do medical records belong to?
Many people think that their medical records are their own property, and that if they want to see them, they just have to ask. That’s only partly true. Your medical records actually belong to the doctor, hospital, or other place that made them, not to you. That’s also true for dental records and nursing home records. But the information in the medical records belongs to you. And normally, you have a right to see that information. The records should include any treatment or procedure that went wrong because courts have said that doctors have a legal duty to give patients that type of information.

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If you have had health services in the Vancouver Coastal or Fraser Health Authorities, you can fill out An Authorization for the Release of Health Records form.