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Vote public health care

Health Accord Day of Action - Kamloops

March 31, 2014 - 03:30 pm

Meet at the Smorg deli by 3:30pm to march (about 3 blocks) to Conservative MP Cathy Macleod’s office. We will have speakers and signs and we will present her with one thousand signed postcards calling for a renewed and improved Canadian Health Accord. Contact: Rick Turner 250-819-5694 or Barb Nederpel 250-320-1635, [email protected]. Organized by: Kamloops Health Coalition, Kamloops Chapter of the Council of Canadians, Kamloops Retired Teachers and Kamloops HEU …Read More

Town Hall - 2014 Health Accord

October 10, 2013 - 07:00 pm

Throughout the Thompson region, we have experienced serious cuts to our health care system for more than a decade. Our hospitals are overcrowded, health services and programs have been severely reduced or cut altogether, and the needs of our rural population largely ignored. B.C.'s public health care continues to be dismantled and privatized.…Read More

Public health care advocates call on Premier Clark to commit to a renegotiated federal-provincial health accord

Joint letter sent to Premier Clark in advance of July 25-27 Council of the Federation meeting in Halifax warns that public health care will suffer without Ottawa's coordination The BC Health Coalition, Canadian Doctors for Medicare and the Council of Canadians are urging Premier Clark to work with her provincial counterparts to call the federal government to the health care negotiating table.…Read More