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For years, private for-profit clinics have taken advantage of British Columbians, unlawfully extra-billing patients. Now, a growing public backlash against one clinic's legal attack on Canadian Medicare is pushing the issue front and centre.

Still, many people don’t realize how often private for-profit clinics violate patients' rights until they hear from patients who have had a bad experience.

If you have been charged a fee for a medically necessary procedure or were offered faster care if you were willing to pay, your doctor may have acted unlawfully. Your story could help people understand how profit-motivated care is bad for patients and for public health care.

Not sure whether your health care provider has acted unlawfully? Find out here.

With your permission, we’ll share the stories on our website, in the media, and over social media. If enough of us share our experiences, we’ll have powerful evidence showing that for-profit health care negatively impacts patients and our public health care system. 

Patients deserve better. Share your story today.

Please be aware that we may have to edit some stories. All words will be your own – but stories may be shortened.
Your information will NOT be shared without your express consent - even if you do not wish to share your story publicly, it will help our researchers better understand the types of unlawful billing practices Canadians are experiencing.