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How Our Steering Committee Works

The BC Health Coalition has a Steering Committee that oversees the Coalition's work and directs the Coalition's staff.

The rules that guide the BC Health Coalition's Steering Committee are:

  • The Steering Committee will be the sole standing committee of the BCHC and will report to the members of the BC Health Coalition.
  • The Steering Committee will work toward building a province-wide movement in favour of public health care.
  • The Steering Committee will set the work plan for the BC Health Coalition in conjunction with the members at meetings of the membership. Between meetings of the membership the Steering Committee will be free to set the agenda to respond to events/issues as they arise.
  • Decisions will be made by consensus. 

The rules that determine the make-up of the BC Health Coalition's Steering Committee are:

  • The Steering Committee will be comprised of an equal number of union and community representatives.
  • For every union or labour organization on the Steering Committee, there will be a community organization represented. The size of the Steering Committee will then grow in equal numbers by union and community representatives.
  • Each September, community groups will select from amongst community group members those who will sit on the Steering Committee.
  • The length of term for Steering Committee membership is one year. Members can sit on the Steering Committee for as many years as they are selected.
  • The BCHC will strive for gender parity on its Steering Committee and for the membership of the BC Health Coalition and its Steering Committee to be as representative of the population of BC as is possible.
  • There will be two co-chairs of the Steering Committee and each September, community groups will select a chairperson, as will the unions. The two co-chairs will be the two primary spokespeople for the BCHC (recognizing that others will speak on behalf of the coalition, with the knowledge of the co-chairs, when an issue affects their constituent group, or if they have expertise on a particular issue). 


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