Vote for Pacific Blue Cross for Workers and Keep Brian Day Away From Your Benefits

We’ve just learned that CEO Brian Day is running to be a director of the Pacific Blue Cross Board with the objective of pushing privatization through BC’s largest not-for-profit extended benefits provider.

There are only three board seats available, two of which are for doctors. If Pacific Blue Cross members vote for candidates who prioritize people over profit, we can keep Day away. 

The following candidates want PBC to remain a strong, not-for-profit health insurance provider. They are endorsed by the BC Federation of Labour, CUPE BC, and CUPE 1816, which represents PBC workers. 

Cambie Surgeries CEO Brian Day has a long history of trying to dismantle the public health care system for his own gain. In 2009, his private clinics were audited and later found to be illegally billing vulnerable patients for services funded by public health care. Instead of paying back the money after patients complained, he infamously launched a legal challenge seeking to force Canada to move towards a US-Style healthcare system that would allow private insurance companies to offer - and deny - coverage for basic care  like visits to the doctor or the emergency room. 

His legal challenge ultimately failed, but he is still seeking to increase the power of private healthcare through back door avenues, including joining the board of Pacific Blue Cross. In his nomination profile Day once again suggests that Pacific Blue Cross open private hospitals like his clinics. 

Elections like this can be decided by one or two votes. If you are a Pacific Blue Cross member, please vote. The decisions made by the PBC Board of Directors directly impact the health and well-being of you, your family, and hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

More Information: 

  • You can learn more about the candidates here
  • The voting period closes Monday, June 17, at 4:30 p.m. 
  • To vote, you will need your Policy Number and ID Number, which you can find on your PBC ID card. 
  • If you have trouble voting, you can contact PBC for help during business hours at 604-419-2098