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Send your Letter to the Editor now

Write a Letter to the EditorIn the weeks leading up to the trial, we’re packing newspapers across the country with Letters to the Editor about Dr. Brian Day's plan to bring US-style health care to Canada via a constitutional challenge in B.C.

This case poses a serious risk to our health, communities, and economy but it’s had very little coverage in the media. Most people haven't even heard about it.

Together, we can change that. It doesn't take long to write a short letter, and it's a very effecitve way to reach thousands of people to tell them about this serious threat. Here's how:

2 Easy Steps!

Step 1 - Write Your Letter

Use this simple Letter to the Editor Guide (.pdf) (doc) to write your letter. 

If you want more information on the case, check out this backgrounder.

Step 2 - Send your Letter

Go to the webpage of your local paper and find the email contact to send Letters to the Editor to. Some papers may also have an online form.

Also, we encourage you to send your letter to the BC Health Coalition at (or if you're outside BC, your local coalition) so that we can help get your letter out via social media.

But wait, how are Letters to the Editor a useful way to get the word out in my community?

Writing a letter to the editor (LTE) of your local or regional newspaper is an effective and easy way to reach a large audience with your message.

LTEs are printed on the editorial page, which is one of the most read pages in the paper. Having a strong letter published helps reach both a wide public audience and elected officials with the same effort!

Even if your letter is not published, it is important for educating and persuading editors. The more letters they receive on a given topic, the more likely they are to dedicate more time in their newspaper to that issue—both on the editorial page and in news articles. It clearly expresses the issue’s importance to the community.

Still have questions?

For more information, please contact Terrie Hendrickson at BC Health Coalition.

Thank you for helping spread the word about this hugely important case!